Digital Divide is an economic issue

ROSETTA NETWORKING SYSTEMS (RNS) is a non-profit Information Technology (IT) organization dedicated to closing the Digital Divide by providing IT access to disenfranchised communities and individuals. We accomplish this either through direct involvement in the community or by helping other organizations with similar orientations perform their activities.

RNS has received a generous donation from the RealNetwork Foundation of RealNetworks' RealServer in support of project OMAR, Online Multi-media Academic Resource. Click here for details.

In addition to OMAR, we are developing two other initiatives, HARP - HIV/AIDS Resource Portal, and RC3 - Renewable Community Communications Center. For RC3 we solicited support from Dennis Robert Holloway, a solar architect from Santa Fe, NM, with a long and distinguished career spanning 5 decades. You can read his short biography or visit his Web site at http://www.dennisrhollowayarchitect.com/. You can go to our Initiatives section to find more details.

We are classified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to RNS are tax exempt.

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