RNS IS CURRENTLY SEEKING FUNDING for the following initiatives:

HARP - HIV/AIDS Research Portal

To help address the concerns related to HIV/AIDS, Rosetta Networking Systems proposes to develop a U.S. Web site and database consisting of four major components: an online searchable HIV/AIDS Research Portal (HARP), an online index of resources, a National Data Depository (NDD), and a treatment options/drug reference section. The resources section would be indexed in such a manner that by entering his/her ZIP code, the user would be able to anonymously obtain information about the nearest clinics, hospices, outreach programs, help groups, housing, and other available resources. The NDD would be disseminated to organizations and researchers worldwide in a variety of electronic formats and distributed via the Web or CD-ROM. The treatment options/drug reference section would provide the most up-to-date information available regarding HIV/AIDS.

OMAR - Online Multi-media Academic Resource

RNS, in collaboration with Opportunities Industrialization Centers of Anne Arundel County Maryland (OIC) and the Veterans Affairs Administrationís Compensated Work Therapy project (VACWT), intends to enhance and expand existing educational opportunities offered to disadvantaged student in Anne Arundel county MD and veterans within the VACWT program. This will be accomplished by developing an Online Multi-media Academic Resource (OMAR). OMAR incorporates cutting edge streaming application (video, audio and animations) into a dynamic online learning resource. OMAR will allow students to learn at their on pace outside of the classroom. In addition, homebound disabled veterans will be able utilize OMAR to continue or start their learning. RealNetworks has donated their RealServer software for the streaming elements of OMAR.

The existing courses offered by OIC and VACWT focus on low-tech careers and continuing education. RNS will refocus the curriculum by developing and implementing an A++ Certification course as an introduction to IT. RNS views A++ Certification as the starting point to an IT career. Future expansion of the curriculum will include tracks focusing on additional IT aspects, such as programming, database applications, networking, computer repair, etc.

RNS has received a generous donation from the RealNetwork Foundation of RealNetworks' RealSystem Server in support of project OMAR. The Real System Server will be the platform from which OMAR delivers multimedia content. RealNetworks' RealSystem Server will allow OMAR to simultaneously stream 100 video, audio or animated connections. This level of streaming capability will allow for seamless use of OMAR without worrying about connections being dropped.

RC3 - Renewable Community Communications Center

Rosetta Networking Systems in cooperation with its partners has devised to provide sustainable electricity and connectivity to rural communities by taking a holistic view of their needs. We plan to develop the Renewable Community Communications Center or the RC3 project. RC3 is a data center that will require no external electricity or cables for Internet access. This will be accomplished by:

  • Incorporating an active photovoltaic (PV) system to meet the energy requirements of the communications center, with sufficient backup to sustain its operation during nights and cloudy or stormy weather. In addition, the use of solar energy will drastically reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • The Internet connection will be accomplished via a two-way satellite link, which will be reliable and guarantee an uninterrupted connection.

The function of the proposed center will be to enable the members of a disadvantaged community to actively participate in the digital revolution. Community members will be trained to build their skills in all the necessary fields, so they can create digital content and present it to the world community. The trainers will be initially from outside the community. But, we foresee that soon afterwards, some of the members of the local community will be able to assume positions of trainers and center staff. The ultimate benefit of this program will be providing a sustainable facility that will serve the education and training benefits with little or no cost to the community in which it is established.

Dennis Robert Holloway, a solar architect from Santa Fe, NM, has expressed his willingness to collaborate on this project. We prepared a short biography. For more details about Mr. Holloway and his work, visit his Web site at http://www.taosnet.com/architectVRe/.

Our Mission Work

RNS is looking for support of our mission work. We currently offer our services to other non-profit organizations and small businesses from disadvantaged groups on a sliding scale. With your help we can offer this services to more groups cheaper and free.

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