To help close the Digital Divide by establishing connectivity in rural and disenfranchised communities, while providing quality information technology (IT) support to organizations which aid affected groups.

Non-profit organizations usually operate under strict financial constraints, which prohibit them from having adequate access to quality IT services. Rosetta Networking Systems addresses this inadequacy by providing services to the non-profit community at affordable rates. In addition, Rosetta Networking Systems will help serve the public by engaging in the dissemination of information technologies, i.e., setting up networks, establishing connectivity, and providing training, to rural and disenfranchised communities. These endeavors will be accomplished by participating in various initiatives established by the federal government, donations and grant seeking from private foundations. Rosetta Networking Systems also partners with other non-profit organizations that require IT services to enhance their grant seeking endeavors.

The organization's mission to make information technology access available on a low- and/or no-cost basis to disenfranchised communities will be accomplished by:

  • Initial development, at below-market rates, of large-scale Web portals and online database applications for targeted groups
  • Funding of a $1 million endowment through fees obtained for providing such services
  • Use of earned interest income from the endowment for subsequent physical installation of hardware and software in targeted communities

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